Birds at the Washington Legislature

The first-ever remote legislative session has begun in Olympia. The virtual nature of this year’s legislative session presents an unparalleled opportunity for everyone to engage with our state lawmakers without traveling to Olympia.

Audubon Washington’s top two climate priorities for the 2021 legislative session are passing a Clean Fuel Standard and updating the state’s Growth Management Act to include climate change as an element of local comprehensive plans. They have been introduced in the Washington House of Representatives.

Birds are telling us that we must act now on climate. We are their last best hope for a stable future. Tell your representatives to support a Clean Fuel Standard (HB 1091) and updating the Growth Management Act (HB 1099) to ensure local communities are planning for a changing climate by including it as a planning element. Sign on here

Protecting birds and people from climate change is within reach, but we cannot afford to delay. With nearly half of Washington state’s carbon pollution coming from transportation, this means we must do everything we can to replace gas guzzlers with clean electric vehicles. A Clean Fuel Standard is a proven policy to help us do just that. By supporting this legislation we will improve public health, combat climate pollution, and support local economic development.

Planning for a changing climate is a key component of protecting birds and the places they need for generations to come. Audubon Washington is working with state and local partners to update the state’s Growth Management Act, requiring counties to plan for climate resilience. This means recognizing the value of natural solutions for climate change as well as the role natural infrastructure can play in making our communities more economically resilient.

You can also track bills with the most current information by signing up for Audubon Washington’s Weekly Legislative Updates and keep track of bills in its Legislative Tracker.

You also can sign up to lobby virtually in Olympia during this legislative session.

Published by Susan Saul

Conservation Chair, Vancouver Audubon Society

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