Grant Guidelines

Education- We support the involvement and exposure of nature to young people.
Conservation- We support conservation of critical habitat.
Stewardship- We support stewardship to maintain the health of critical habitat.
Advocacy- We support advocating for education, conservation, and stewardship.

Grant Size

Individual grants will not exceed $5,000.

Grant Application Guidelines

If you think your proposal falls within our guidelines, please send Vancouver Audubon Grants Screening Committee three copies of the following:

A one page letter to the Board of Director’s of Vancouver Audubon summarizing the request.


Please limit answers to three pages total.
Evaluation: What results or outcomes are expected? How can these be evaluated and measured? When do you propose that this evaluation be done?
Budget for the project: Please provide a brief budget and budget narrative for the entire project making explicit reference to the portion of the budget requested from Vancouver Audubon. Also, please indicate the organizations overall budget. (if applicable)
Tell us exactly what you propose to do. Who will do the work? Include resumes or short narrative descriptions of qualifications. Also, include a project schedule.

4. Evidence (e.g., a letter) of commitment from any organization you have included in your project’s work scope.
For instance, if you intend to conduct your project in a school, we need to know that school officials have approved the project.

Vancouver Audubon understands that both individuals and organizations may request grants from our committee. Individuals only need provide material requested in Appendix A. Organizations must provide all materials requested in Appendix A, B & C.
A. Biographical paragraph on principle contact person and relevant personnel.
B. Copy of organization’s 501(c) (3) IRS status letter.
C. A copy of your mission statement.

When to Submit Your Application

Application deadlines are February 1 and August 1.These dates are for receipt, not postmarked, of proposal. We will notify you of our funding decision 4 to 6 weeks after each deadline date.

If we fund your project, we expect:

–Regular progress reports, as specified in your proposal.
–A copy of any materials you produce with our funding.
–Appropriate credit to the Vancouver Audubon.
–All funds granted to be used for the purpose described in the grant application.
Please note: if your project is cancelled for any reason, including lack of funds, our grant may not be used for general operating expenses and must be returned to us.

Please address all correspondence to:
Vancouver Audubon Grants Screening Committee
PO Box 1966
Vancouver, WA 98668-1966

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