Birds at the Washington Legislature

The first-ever remote legislative session has begun in Olympia. The virtual nature of this year’s legislative session presents an unparalleled opportunity for everyone to engage with our state lawmakers without traveling to Olympia. Audubon Washington’s top two climate priorities for the 2021 legislative session are passing a Clean Fuel Standard and updating the state’s GrowthContinue reading “Birds at the Washington Legislature”

Audubon Virtual Advocacy Day is December 9

We want our legislators to the start the 2021 Legislative session with Audubon’s bird-friendly priorities in mind. Since we won’t be able to meet with our legislators in person, we will be meeting over Zoom. If you live in the 49th Legislative District, join us for our Virtual Advocacy Day with Senator Annette Cleveland and RepresentativeContinue reading “Audubon Virtual Advocacy Day is December 9”