Monthly Meetings and Programs

On the first Tuesday of the month from September through June, please join us for some social time and a fun, educational, or informative program. Anyone interested is very welcome!

Vancouver Audubon Chapter has some interesting programs planned for chapter meetings this fall.  The twist, of course, is that the meetings will be virtual until it is safe for large gatherings to meet in Washington state.  To address this need for virtual meetings, we have purchased a Zoom account to enable members to participate in these educational presentations through their home computer, laptop, or even your smart phone.  Members will receive an invitation in their email to join the virtual meetings at the designated meeting time through a link in the email.  Members will be asked to sign in by giving their email address.  An internet connection is required.  Members will be able to interact with written questions at the end of the program. 

Didn’t receive your Zoom invitation? Contact Don Rose for more information.

The following programs are planned for this fall.  All meetings will start at 7:00 pm. We hope you will join us!

Upcoming Programs:

September 1 Vaux’s Happening

Larry Schwitters, the lead for the Vaux’s Swift research project, Vaux’s Happening, initiated in 2008.  Larry will talk about the unique lifestyle of the Vaux’s Swift, the research that has been conducted, and the outcomes of that research.  7pm via Zoom.

October 6 Panama’s Cloud Forest

Tom Bancroft

November 10 Seabirds of the Oregon Coast

Joe Liebezeit, Staff Scientist & Avian Conservation Program Manager for Portland Audubon, will talk about the seabirds of the Oregon coast, their habitat, issues that are threatening their populations, and recent successes at protecting populations, including the Oregon Marine Reserves program and the Rocky Habitat Management Plan. 

December 1 Survival by Degrees, Climate change and bird populations

Teri Anderson, Washington State Audubon chapter network manager, and Trina Bayard, Washington State Audubon Director of Bird Conservation, will be giving a presentation on the landmark report, Survival by Degrees, that describes the projected impact of climate change on North American bird species.

Contact Don Rose for more information

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