Monthly Meetings and Programs

On the first Tuesday of the month from September through June, please join us for some social time and a fun, educational, or informative program. Anyone interested is very welcome!

Members will receive an invitation to register in their email. Anyone interested can contact the program chair for an invitation–you don’t need to be a member. Didn’t receive your Zoom invitation? Contact Don Rose for more information.

Social half-hour begins at 6:30pm, meeting and program will start at 7:00 pm. We hope you will join us!

September 7 — California Condor Recovery at Oregon Zoo

Kelli Walker, Senior condor keeper at the Oregon Zoo.  Kelli has over 20 years of experience and knowledge to share about the California Condor Recovery Program at the Oregon Zoo, in partnership with the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  She will give an overview of the Condor breeding program at the Oregon Zoo, where the birds have been released, how they are doing in the wild, and perhaps future plans for release into the Pacific Northwest. 
Photo: Marc Slattery/Audubon Photography Awards

October 5 – Demystifying Shorebird Identification

Jim Danzenbaker  

When you locate shorebirds, do you feel the need to run away because you can’t identify them?  Do you watch them for a while and realize that you’ll never know what they are?  This presentation will help demystify some of the identification challenges associated with shorebirds.  We’ll look at bill shape, plumage, behavior, and habitat and incorporate some eBird data to help increase our knowledge of shorebirds.  We’ll concentrate on shorebirds found in Clark and neighboring counties but may include a few from other spots in Washington.  Jim has given shorebird identification workshops and led shorebird field trips in San Diego, the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and Ocean Shores, WA.  He currently lives in Battle Ground, WA.

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