Audubon Adventures Classroom Kits

Thank you for your interest in learning more Audubon Adventures Classroom Kits.

Audubon Adventures is an environmental education program developed by educators at the National Audubon Society for grades 3-5. Since the program’s inception in 1984, over 7 million youngsters have participated.

The Vancouver Audubon Society is pleased to be able to sponsor these kits for Vancouver-area elementary teachers, so they are available for you to use in your classrooms at no charge.

Choosing Your Kits

There is a variety of Audubon Adventures classroom kit topics. Each kit serves 32 students and includes printed magazines on three topics, letters to parents, and teacher guides. There is also free online content that features quizzes, puzzles, and games!

Topics from which to choose are:

  • Birds of a Feather – Raptors
    Classroom Kit with three learning modules: (1) “Owl Prowl”; (2) “Raptors”; and (3) “Get to Know Birds.”
  • Birds of a Feather – Seabirds
    Classroom Kit with three learning modules: (1) “Seabirds”; (2) “Shorebirds”; and “Wading Birds.”
  • Birds Around Here & On the Move
    Classroom Kit with three learning modules: (1) “Get to Know Birds”; (2) “Birds on the Move”; and (3) “Safety for Birds in Flight.”
  • Birds, Bees, Flowers & Trees
    Classroom Kit with three learning modules: (1) “Hooray for Hummingbirds”; (2) “The Buzz About Native Bees”; and (3) “Plants Are for the Birds.”
  • Nature’s Connections: Water, Plants & Climate
    Classroom Kit with three learning modules: (1) “Caretaking Our World’s Water”; (2) “Plants Are for the Birds!”; and (3) “Let’s Change Climate Change.”
Getting Your Kits

Teachers, please enter your contact information in the form below. Make sure to indicate in your message:

  • name of your school
  • grade level you’re teaching
  • which topic you prefer for classroom kits
  • where to send them

Vancouver Audubon will place the order on your behalf. Orders are generally placed within 72 hours of receipt and shipping time is about 10 business days.

Resources to Review

While waiting for your kits, feel free to explore the Audubon Adventures website.

The “Teacher’s Lounge” tab is full of resources and includes a “How To Guide” for using the kit. Vancouver Audubon is excited to work with you to support educational opportunities within our community!

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