Birdathon 2009
Birds of Clark County

        May 8, Friday through May 10, Sunday, 2009

We would like to get more people involved in our Birdathon Fund Raiser  and at the  same time learn more about our birds in our own county. For many years we've had a Birdathon Team that worked to see as many species as they could in a 24 hour period. The team usually birded from the Oregon coast to Lyle, WA in the gorge while having people pledge or  make donations to VAS for their efforts.

We have decided  to try something different this year.

  1. A "Clark County Birdathon" where anyone can count species as long as it is in Clark County and on your chosen 72 hours. You do not have to bird the whole 72 hours though.
  2. We will add all the species seen together to get the total number seen.

Participants may bird different areas within the 72 hours period
BUT the area MUST BE in Clark county. Since we are looking for species and mapping where birds are seen, it doesn't matter if people report the same birds.

Participants can gather pledges per species from sponsors or ask for a set amount.  Each participant will be asked to make a donation in the amount of their choice, remembering that this is our fund raiser.

Even backyard bird watching would help. We could even hit some of the non-covered parts of the county. We might not have as many species or we might have more, depending on how much of the county is covered.

Participants will fill out a reporting form for each place they bird. People could bird as much or as little of 72 hours as they can give.

             Birdathon Form
             Clark County Checklist Page 1   (pdf file)
             Clark county Checklist Page 2    (pdf file)

I will compile the results and map out the species so we can get an idea where birds are in early May in the county. Over years it could be very interesting.

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