Vancouver, Washington (Clark County)


Vancouver is located near the Oregon-Washington border on the Columbia River and north of Portland, OR.

Mission Statement:

Vancouver Audubon believes in the wisdom

of nature痴 design and promotes this through education, involvement, stewardship, enjoyment

and advocacy.

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Text Box: Meeting: Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Pre Program Bird Class or Mini Program: 30 Minutes 
Time: 6:45 PM

General Meeting & Program
 Time: 7:30 PM
 Ridgefield NWR Complex:
Updates, Goals, Projects

by Christopher Lapp, Project Leader,
Ridgefield NWR Complex

Most of us frequent Ridgefield NWR and Steigerwald NWR, but did you know that the Ridgefield NWR Complex also includes Pierce NWR and Franz Lake NWR? 

Christopher Lapp has been Project Leader for the Complex for nearly 3 years. He will update us on new planned bridges, habitat restoration projects, reintroduction of threatened and endangered species, land acquisition at Steigerwald, current staffing, water level management, bird populations, and the role of Friends of Ridgefield NWR. 

There will be time for most of your questions.  Let's welcome Christopher and build understanding between Vancouver Audubon Society and the refuges.  We have our own observations and ideas.  This could be an interesting, good conversation.

February 15th, Sunday, 2015 Field Trip
Late Winter in the Gorge
Time: 8:00 AM

                     Leader:  Wilson Cady,  360-835-5947
                     Time: 8:00 AM  
                     Meet at: Steigerwald Lake NWR parking lot at Milepost 18 on 
                                    Highway 14. 
An all day exploration of the western Columbia Gorge, mostly by car with a couple of short walks depending on the conditions. Dress for the weather, bring a lunch and your bird book and binoculars. If you have an FRS radio (22 channel walkie-talkie) please bring it for communicating between vehicles. 

                     We will carpool.       Do not forget to pay your driver for gas.

Established December 1975

Vancouver Audubon Meets at the:

Clark County Genealogical Society

717 Grand Boulevard (Grand & Evergreen) Vancouver, Washington

(just south of Mill Plain on NE corner)