Vancouver, Washington (Clark County)


Vancouver is located near the Oregon-Washington border on the Columbia River and north of Portland, OR.

Mission Statement:

Vancouver Audubon believes in the wisdom

of nature痴 design and promotes this through education, involvement, stewardship, enjoyment

and advocacy.

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Text Box: Christmas Bird Count     
                   Compiler:  Scott Carpenter,  503-753-1267
                   When: Decermber  [for the date contact Scott Carpenter]
                   Time: All Day or as much as you can participate
                   email Scott 

This is the annual bird count in our area around the Vancouver Lake area and Ridgefield NWR area. If you wish to participate call or email Scott for information or to sign up.

You don稚 need to be an expert to help out.  Each group will have a leader who値l assist with identifications so all you値l need to do is help count (this ability is particularly helpful for large flocks of geese!).  It痴 that easy!  The CBC is a great way for expert and novice birders to participate in a program that benefits birds all over the Americas.  Audubon and other organizations use data collected in this longest-running wildlife census to assess the health of bird populations and to help guide conservation action.

From feeder-watchers and field observers to count compilers and regional editors, everyone who takes part in the Christmas Bird Count does it for love of birds and with the knowledge that their efforts are making a difference for science and bird conservation.

Established December 1975

Vancouver Audubon Meets at the:

Clark County Genealogical Society

717 Grand Boulevard (Grand & Evergreen) Vancouver, Washington

(just south of Mill Plain on NE corner)

Text Box: Meeting: Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Pre Program Mini Program (Florida): 30 Minutes 
Time: 6:45 PM

General Meeting & Program
 Time: 7:30 PM
 Bird World: Insights for Humans form the amazing Lives of Birds

by Noah Stycker

Birds aren't people, but just how different are they from us?  They have the same basic requirements we do:  food, shelter, reproduction.

And thy can do some amazing things!  Approaching bird behavior from new an surprising angles, Noah Strycker explores the astonishing homing abilities of pigeons, extraordinary memories of nutcrackers, self-image in magpies, life-long loves of albatrosses, particle physics of starling flocks, and other mysteries--revealing why birds do what they do, and how we can relate.  With humor and wit, and drawing deep from cutting-edge science and anecdotes from the field, Strycker's presentation will leave you with renewed inspiration about our close  connections with birds.

ABOUT Noah:  This amazing young man has accomplished much since his teen emergence as an outstanding birder.  He has studied birds on 6 continents, including Antarctica.  He wrote his first book, Amoung Penguins (2011) from that experience.  His latest book, The Thing with Feathers (2014)  is about the fascinating behavior of birds.   He is Associate Editor of Birding Magazine.  Noah is Oregon based.


In 2015 Noah plans to complete a World Big Year to see if he can be the first person to see half of the world species in 1 year.

Text Box: ***For December痴 meeting see below***

Meeting: Tuesday, November 4th, 2014
Pre Program Mini Program: 30 Minutes 
Time: 6:45 PM

General Meeting & Program
 Time: 7:30 PM
by Members & Guests

This popular program is returning. It is your chance to show your vacation or wildlife photos to a willing audience. 

Our projector can play either home made DVD's if you want to share video or CD with music, as well as just jpegs saved on DVD, CD or the BEST WAY is a FLASH DRIVE.

The projector does not handle really large files very well so you will need to reduce any large ones OR bring your laptop to connect to the projector.  A good size might be 4x6 inches with a dpi of 125. Call Bob Rowe for information and to sign up:  360-254-8699

Call Bob Rowe to sign up:  

Time limits us to about 8 presenters with about 20 photos to share

November 8th, Saturday, 2014 Field Trip
Vancouver Lake Lowlands
Time: 8:00 AM

                     Leader:  Susan Setterberg,  856-701-2542 cell
                     Time: 8:00 AM  until 11 AM or later
                     Meet at: Vancouver Lake Parking Lot in front of the south most 
                                    bathrooms to the right of the entrance.

To get there, from I-5, take Exit 1-D, Fourth Plain Blvd, SR-501. Go west on Fourth Plain through Vancouver continuing onto Lower River Rd. After 3.5 miles on SR-501, continue straight for 0.6 miles to Vancouver Lake Park on your right.  

We will be walking the park area & trails looking for wintering waterfowl & passerines.  Time and weather permitting, we will try Frenchman痴 Bar along the Columbia River and then check out the sewer treatment ponds in the area.  Sparrows and other wintering birds inhabit the brush and trees in the park.  There should be a variety of geese and ducks to sort through on the water.  And, oh yes, those confusing winter gulls will challenge us.  
Be prepared with wet weather gear & appropriate footwear.  Most birding will be along easy, flat trails or road side. The lake loop is about a mile around. Those who wish to continue on to other sites in the lowlands, beside the Vancouver Lake Park, may wish to bring along a sandwich or snacks as the birding could extend into the early afternoon.  Water is always advised.